Jollies  are a company on a mission - to make great sustainable socks to improve the global environment and also to improve the lives of those less fortunate to make the local environment a better place.

Over 50 shelters nationwide have been the happy beneficiaries of a pair of socks donated by Jollies, with a pair being gifted for every pair sold.

Not only do we agree with their attitude of being more than just for profit, we also are completely in love with their products. Their socks are made from an organic cotton blend in Portugal and have hand sewn seams to finish. 

As well as being vibrant and colourful, these socks are so comfortable you won't want to take them off. They look fantastic whether dancing alone in your kitchen late night or worn with your favourite pair of trainers, subtly showing the tiniest hints of wonderful detail.

Wear a pair, share a pair.

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